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Build-A-Better-Burger Collection

Use these Epic Hacks the next time you decide to cook burgers:

1) Flip the burger often instead of pressing to retain its juiciness

2) Prep ahead—make a big batch of patties with the 3-in-1 burger press,

then freeze for quick and easy dinners or your next big BBQ.

3) Remember the 10 and 2 rule for perfect grill marks (as in the face of a clock).

Place your meat so one end points to 10 o’clock, wait for 2 mins,

then rotate it to 2 o’clock. Flip and repeat the process.


Available for purchase with every order of $75.

Exclusive Price: $35 | Savings: $46.95 | Retail Price: $81.95

May 1–31, 2019


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